Different Types of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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There are two main types of male breast reduction surgery and the availability of these types of surgery does depend on the severity of your condition. Before booking any sort of initial consultation with a surgeon it may a good idea for you to go and speak to you GP so that they can advise you on which type of surgery that you will need and also what to research about the prospective clinic.

The first and most common type of male breast reduction surgery is Liposuction. This surgery is often used for men who want the breast reduction surgery for a more cosmetic reason and these men do tend to have smaller breasts. However if you suffer from an extreme case of male breast enlargement then you may need to consider going for the more intrusive option of the full male breast reduction surgery for you to be able to get the best results possible.

Complete Male Breast Reduction Surgery

This surgery involves removing lots of fatty breast tissue at once and it is a lot more serious and it can often be much more expensive and it also requires for you to have a longer recovery time.  Not only does this surgery remove breast tissue from within the breast but it can also involve removing fat from around the rest of the chest area. In extreme cases the surgeon may also have to remove the skin from around the chest area to make sure that you are not left with sagging skin around the area where the fat has had to be removed from.

It may advised by your surgeon to try and reduce your weight before going ahead with the male breast reduction surgery has you may be able to save yourself from having to have the more serious of the two procedures. By not having the more intrusive surgery you will be also saving yourself money and the potential risks that come with having to have a more serious treatment.

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