How to Prepare for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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Before having the male breast reduction surgery it is important that you prepare for the procedure. Some medical experts advise that you should have a mammogram before the surgery to make sure that you do not have any early signs of breast cancer and this mammogram could also potentially help your surgeon to understand your condition and also the composition of your enlarged breasts.

Smoking and Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Another important thing that you should consider doing to prepare for your male reduction surgery is to stop smoking at the very latest 2 weeks prior to the procedure. By stopping smoking you are increasing your chances of having a healthy recovery period as smoking can potentially affect the blood flow within your body. Being a non-smoker for this sort of surgery is often considered to be so important that some surgeons will even go as far as not performing the surgery on you as the health risks would be too high to risk.

As well as stopping smoking before the surgery it is often advised by many surgeons to stop drinking alcohol and to refrain from taking recreational drugs especially marijuana. This is advised because again it could hinder your recovery from the procedure and increase the chance of having serious side effects. If you are overweight then you should also think about getting down to a healthy weight before going ahead with the surgery as men with weight problems are more likely to have complications both during and after the male breast reduction surgery.

Preparing for Complications and Side Effects after Male Breast Reduction Surgery

One of the most important things to do before the surgery so that you are fully prepared is to make sure you know and more importantly understand all of the potential risks and side effects which could affect you after the surgery. You should know which side effects are to be expected and when you should seek medical guidance.

You should make sure that you fully stocked up on pain killers, bandages and anything else that your surgeon has recommended to make sure that your recovery period is as stress free as possible. You should also be prepared for any complications and you should inform work that you may need longer off if your recovery period has to be extended for any reason.

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