Availability of Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

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If the cost of male breast reduction surgery proves to be too expensive for you in the UK there is always the alternative of seeking the treatment abroad at an often cheaper and heavily discounted price.

The most Popular Destinations for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Some of the most popular places that men from the UK go to have their male breast reduction surgery are listed below;

  • Belgium
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Mexico
  • Argentina

By going to these countries for a cosmetic procedure you can expect to save up to 80% on the alternative price in the UK, the cheapest countries are those outside of Europe.

Researching Male Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

Although extreme care should be given to the research of the prospective clinic because even though at first the price may seem very cheap you should consider the extra costs that there may be of having surgery abroad. These extra costs could potentially include flight, hotel costs, not having post surgical care included in the price and paying for a consultation with a surgeon if you do suffer from any serious side effects.

You should also research the surgeon which will be doing your surgery and you should ensure that they are properly qualified and have relevant experience in male breast reduction surgery. The best way to do this is to speak to previous patients of the clinic to find out what their experience was like and also if they have had any post surgical problems which were not dealt with properly. You also need to have a list of everything that is included in the total cost of the quote that the clinic has given to ensure that you know what you are entitled to and what you will have to pay extra for. Often the flights are not included in the total cost of the surgery and this is often the most expensive part of having surgery abroad and so this should be researched before booking the surgery as you may find that it may be cheaper to have your breast reduction at home. 

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