Long Term Effects of Male Breast Reduction

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The long term effects of male breast reduction tend to be positive ones with the average surgery lasting you a lifetime with no need to have further surgeries to improve the condition again. In most surgeries you will be able to see the finished look of your breast reduction within 3 months after all the swelling and bruising has gone away. However there may be some negative long term effects that may affect you after your surgery especially if you suffered from any complications during your surgery or any side effects in your recovery period.

Long term Scarring and Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Many medical experts also recommend not exposing your scars to sunlight for at the very least a 6 month period as this could lead to a permanent change in the colour pigment of your chest and nipples. If you do expose your skin to sunlight after the surgery the scars may become a darker colour to the rest of your body so the best way to prevent this if you have to expose your skin is to use a high factor sun cream.

Other long term effects of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Another long term effect of the surgery may be that you lose the feeling in your nipples especially if you nipples had to be moved around in the procedure as this could completely sever the nerve endings and you will never regain feeling in your nipples. It is normally recommended that you should not exercise very much in the first 6 weeks as this could affect your long term recovery from the breast reduction.

Even though the effects of the surgery can be extremely long lasting you should help the results to last by keeping active and maintaining a healthy diet. If you do not do this then you may risk the chance of putting on weight and making your chest appear larger again.

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