Suitability for Male Breast Reduction - Am I Suitable?

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Before going ahead with the male breast reduction surgery it is important that you research fully the suitability factors which you must have to be eligible for the procedure. There are also some determining factors that should be discussed between yourself and the GP to make sure that you wish to have the reduction surgery for the right reasons for you. These factors often include your age and most importantly your current health status.

Suitability Factors to Consider for Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Below are just some of the many suitability factors that make you a good candidate for the male breast reduction surgery;

  • Being aged 18 or over
  • Being in a good state of health
  • Not suffering from any sort of mental or psychological conditions
  • Being realistic about the results that you want to achieve
  • Ideally non-smokers

Medical factors to Consider about Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Apart from these general suitability factors there are also some medical factors which should be taken into consideration. These include;

  • Being allergic to any type of anaesthetic
  • Being severely overweight
  • If you have had or are currently suffering from breast cancer
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Having disorders where you have wound healing problems
  • If you have suffered previously from blood clotting conditions
  • If you suffer from serious heart conditions

Although all of the factors that have been listed above are extremely important and should be considered before going ahead with the surgery it is still vital that you visit either your GP or a surgeon to discuss fully all of the suitability factors. It is important that you are truthful about your past medical history including all of the previous health conditions which you have suffered from and what medication was prescribed to you to treat them.

Before going ahead with the male breast reduction surgery it is also important to think about non surgical methods to try and solve your medical condition. This is especially relevant to this type of surgery as being overweight can increase the appearance of male breasts and often simple exercises and a change in diet can be enough to reduce them.

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