Recovery from the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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If you do not suffer from any complications or side effects then the recovery from your breast reduction should only last for a few weeks. Although up to two weeks after your surgery you still may suffer from bruising, swelling and bleeding from the sites of the incisions.

What to avoid after the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

It is often advised by medical experts that you should not do any heavy lifting within 4 weeks of having your surgery so you need to make sure that before you have the procedure you should check with your job that you will not be needed to do any strenuous activity. 

You may have a longer recovery period if you have some of the potential side effects that the surgery could cause. It is important that you know what your total costs included especially if any extra surgery is included if any complications do occur. Before going ahead with the surgery you should ask for a list of everything that is included in the price that you are paying so you know whether you have to prepare for extra costs if anything does go wrong.

Tips for a Fast Recovery

To help your recovery after the breast reduction surgery you should try and help yourself by not smoking or taking recreational drugs. You should also refrain from drinking too much alcohol as this could slow down your recovery and create further problems with your condition. You should also try to maintain a healthy weight and eat a balanced diet stop the problem recurring. Also doing plenty of exercise will help you to maintain your new chest after the surgery, although it is important to remember that you should not do too much of this too soon as this could hinder your recovery time. 

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