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Aftercare & Recovery from Breast Lift Surgery

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Physical Recovery

After the procedure, you will need to stay in hospital overnight for one or two nights. This is to ensure if there any complications, you are in the right place for them to be dealt with effectively. During this time you will need to wear tape and a padded bandage. The padded bandage is usually taken off after about four days but may depend on the severity of the procedure. The tape is then taken off after about two weeks and for the remaining time you will also be required to wear a sports bra for six weeks. This ensures the greatest support and a speedy recovery. You will need to keep the area dry for as long as the tape is on and until the stitches have been removed. This means you may not be able to shower or bath properly for about two weeks at the most.

Emotional Recovery

Recovery from any surgery can be a lengthy process and you may not always be feeling your best. This is completely normal as a lot of patients report feelings of sadness and general discomfort. There may be ways to combat this by allowing friends to visit you at home or by ensuring that you will have uplifting or distracting books or films to hand.

Returning to Work & Exercise after Breast Lift Surgery

Following breast lift surgery it is normal for patients to not be able to feel their nipples. This can last from anything up to a week right up to a year. Many people resume their normal activities and work after just a week although it may be wise to book off a little more than expected, to ensure that you will be feeling well and to allow for any complications, although these are rare. It may take a while to get back into doing exercise as you will need to rest for a number of weeks and heavy lifting is not advisable.

After any stitches have been removed and you have resumed normal activities, you may be required to apply moisturiser to the area to stop it from drying. Your breasts may be bruised for a number of weeks and will be red and swollen. Another useful technique which can help reduce scarring as well as keeping the area moisturised is by using certain Oils and creams. These have proven to be effective at reducing scars and in restoring skin to its natural colour.

Your surgeon will advise you to be extremely gentle with your breasts and not to attempt any strenuous activities. Talk to your surgeon if you have any concerns over this. You should be seeing your surgeon fairly regularly after surgery and this is a good opportunity to voice concerns or ask questions. Overall, initial recovery takes about 3 weeks and to be fully recovered from any side effects of the surgery, it can take 6 months.

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