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Suitability for Breast Lift Surgery

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Before any cosmetic surgery can begin, a surgeon must assess the affect that the proposed problem, in this case sagging breasts, is having on you. This is to help you and the surgeon decide whether surgery will be useful in the long-term, or whether it is a matter of psychological disturbance, which can be overcome via alternative treatments.

Mental Health & Breast Lift Surgery

In order to assess this, your surgeon may request that you undertake a formal psychological assessment to ensure your understanding that breast lift surgery may alter your appearance but rarely alters your emotions or the person within. If you suffer from depression or any other mood altering or serious mental illness, you may not be considered for surgery.

Age & Breast Lift Surgery

It is unlikely that you will be allowed this surgery if you are under 18 years old and you may not be considered if you think you will soon be starting a family as the pregnancy will change the shape of your breasts. Similarly, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, this surgery will not be for you at this time. The benefits of breast lift surgery are rewarding for all women, however for women with smaller breasts, they tend to last longer as there is less weight pulling and weakening the breast ligaments once more.

Health & Breast Lift Surgery

Any major general health problems may also lead to non-compliance from the surgeon to assist. A full list of criteria will be assessed before any surgery is considered. This is for your benefit to ensure that there are no complications during or after surgery. If you are in any doubt or think that there may be something preventing you from having breast lift surgery, this can be discussed with any surgeon prior to a commitment being made.

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