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Breast Lift Surgery Procedure

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Your breast lift surgery procedure will depend on your individual needs, as the amount of excess skin denotes the level of procedure required. Your surgeon should tell you what will happen during the procedure before you commit to having it. Outlined below is the basic procedure involved in a breast lift.

The operation will usually last 2-3 hours in total, however this does depend on whether you are having breast enlargement or reduction surgery at the same time. During the operation you will be under general anaesthetic. To receive the general anaesthetic you may have an injection, gas or both. You will not be conscious while under anaesthetic and will not be able to feel any part of the surgery. If you are worried about being under general anaesthetic, it may be possible for you to talk with the anaesthetist beforehand to reassure yourself.

Three Incision Technique

The most common type of breast lift procedure found all over the world is the three incision technique. This involves one incision being made around the areola, another runs from the bottom of the areola to the crease of the breast and the final incision runs along the bottom of your breast, along the crease in a horizontal fashion. This technique leaves very little visible scarring and is preferred by most surgeons.  After the incisions have been made, the main part of the surgery can begin, which involves cutting away the excess skin that causes the sagging.

The final part of the procedure involves rearranging the nipple and areola into a more natural place and possibly also resizing the nipple. The surgeon then simply closes the incisions to create a new breast shape. You will have a dressing over your breasts for a set amount of time dependent on the type of procedure. Immediately following the procedure you will be closely watched to ensure that you are recovering well and this often involves staying overnight in the hospital or clinic for about two days.

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