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Sagging & Drooping Breasts

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Sagging breasts affect most, if not all women at some point in their lives, most likely through ageing. In some cases however, this process will be hastened by other factors such as pregnancy, breast-feeding, hormone imbalance, genetics or weight loss. Diet and exercise can help recovery from pregnancy and slow the process but this is often not enough.

The breasts lose their youthful definition and firmness, and when this happens, it can cause a lack of confidence and reduced feelings of femininity. Women who suffer from sagging or drooping breasts have described how their breasts appear ‘heavy’ and ‘slack’. This can affect women from all breast sizes but is more common in larger breasts due to the extra weight. This is one of the reasons why breast lift surgery works better for women with smaller breasts as gravity will inevitably take its toll once again after surgery. The usual wearing down of the body means that the ligaments in between the chest and breasts weaken and becomes less elastic, as they are during youth.

Sagging breasts are common after pregnancy because during pregnancy, the breasts enlarge and stretch. However, after pregnancy the breasts get smaller again but the excess skin remains. This often creates a sagging aesthetic and is very common.

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