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Consultation for Breast Lift Surgery

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Consultations for breast lift surgery are usually free and should always involve no obligation to proceed. If a consultation stipulates that there is an obligation, seek a consultation elsewhere. Firstly, you must ensure that you will be able to get to the location of the clinic, so after booking a provisional consultation, confirm with the clinic that you will be coming after you have made the necessary travel arrangements in case a problem arises.

Discussion with a Breast Lift Surgeon

By the time you arrive at a consultation, you should have researched the techniques, risks and as much information as possible about breast lift surgery. Your surgeon will begin by asking you about your desired breasts and the reasons for you considering a breast lift operation. It may be helpful for you to take along some photos of what you would like to see although it is important to be realistic about the outcome. Try to be as clear as possible about what you expect the surgery to achieve.

Ask Questions

Your surgeon should make sure that you are properly informed about any risks and will discuss his surgical technique, talking you through a step by step account of what would happen during the procedure. This is your opportunity to get any questions out of the way and raise any concerns or issues you might have.

Disclosing Health & Medication Information

It is also essential that you are completely honest about any medication you are on or any health problems you may have. If you are currently on medication, it may be useful to take it with you so that the surgeon can determine whether it will be a problem. It is extremely dangerous to withhold information about any health problems or allergies you may have as this could result in a fatal complication during the procedure.

Breast Evaluation

The initial consultation will not normally deal with evaluating your breasts and taking measurements, however secondary or follow up consultations may deal with this then. You will be warned before measurements are taken so that the practice is not a shock. Although you may be apprehensive about letting a near stranger measure and look closely at your breasts, the surgeon will have dealt with possibly thousands of other women in the same position and the process will be entirely professional.

Discussing Cost of Beast Lift Surgery

The cost of surgery may be discussed during the initial consultation along with where the procedure will take place, tests you may need to have before being allowed to book the surgery and depending on your age and health, the surgeon may give an estimate of how long the results of the procedure will last. During this time you should be considering a number of surgeons and really looking for someone you trust and are completely happy with.

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