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If you have finally reached the stage where you have undergone the long process of whether you are a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery and you have been offered the surgery with a surgeon you trust, here you have a window of opportunity to once more think carefully about whether this surgery is definitely for you. Your surgeon will, after agreeing that you are ready to book the surgery, allow you a couple more weeks to think it over and ensure that you are not going to change your mind. Please be aware that if you decide to not go through with the surgery at this stage, you will be supported in your decision and your surgeon would prefer you to be honest.

If after the ‘cooling off’ period, you still wish to proceed with the surgery, you and your surgeon can begin arranging a date. You will be informed about how to prepare for surgery and you should take this time to inform work or other commitments that you may be unavailable surrounding the date of the surgery.

Meet the Breast Lift Surgery Team

It may be possible for you to meet with the anesthetist prior to the surgery to discuss what will happen and the potential risks involved, although you should know these well already, it can help reduce stress on the day. Walking into a room where you have met the people previously is always a little less daunting than walking into a room full of strangers.

Before any surgery you should be assessed for your fitness to undergo a general anesthetic, these are routine tests to ensure that your body will be able to handle surgery. It is common for older women to undergo a mammogram to rule out any underlying health risks. Prior to surgery you will also be given documents to sign such as the consent form and payment forms etc. You should take the time to properly go over the forms and ensure that you understand everything they are saying. If you do not understand a certain aspect of the wording or are unfamiliar with anything, contact your surgeon so that you can go through them together. You will be very close to the surgery day after all the necessary arrangements and it is normal to feel anxious. Do not rush into anything or be pressured into anything while considering surgery, the most important aspect is your happiness.

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