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Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery

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Preparation for breast lift surgery will be monitored and guided by your chosen surgeon but in order to help you with your decision of whether breast lift surgery is for you, below is a list of preparatory practices that you should be given before surgery.

Drugs, Smoking & Alcohol Consumption Before & After Breast Lift Surgery

This refers to any drugs you use regularly. If you are a smoker, you may be asked to give up immediately after deciding to go ahead with the surgery but certainly at least two weeks prior to surgery. You will also be required to not smoke after your surgery and if you think this may be a problem for you, you can seek guidance from your surgeon or visit any local NHS for advice and help for quitting smoking. It may put into question whether you should undergo surgery if you think you will not be able to refrain from smoking. Similarly, alcohol should not be consumed from about two weeks prior to surgery as this may cause complications. Even natural remedies such as vitamins and supplements must be stopped prior to surgery.

Time off Work

Make sure you ask your employer well in advance if you will be allowed time off work surrounding your surgery date. Never assume that you will be given the time off, even though you may have existing holidays, if your surgery conflicts with a busy time of year at work, they may refuse to allow you the time off until the busy period has passed. Have a formal discussion with your employer about the type of work you will be required to do when you return also. If you normally have a very physical job involving lifting and lots of movement, there may be something else you can do for a couple of weeks while you recover.

Organise Travel Arrangements

A good way of ensuring all points are covered is to run through day by day what you will need and who will be doing what to help you. You need to consider who will take you to and from the hospital as you will not be allowed to drive following surgery. Prepare your house for your return by buying all the shopping in advance and any possible extra medical supplies you may need. If you have children or pets you will need to ensure that they are well looked after and any outstanding bills paid. Pack a bag for your overnight stay in hospital – consider that you will need some light entertainment as well as your usual toiletries/clothes.

The Day Before Breast Lift Surgery

As you approach your surgery your surgeon will advise you to stop eating and drinking at least six hours before the procedure. This is essential for anyone who requires a general anaesthetic during an operation. After making any last minute checks and finalising plans, use this day to relax as surgery can often be stressful, even when no complications arise and everything goes well.

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