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The NHS is the most widely used and main route to healthcare in Britain. It is a publicly funded system allowing for anyone in the United Kingdom to receive treatment. This means that the vast majority of treatments are free. Although some charges do exist for certain aspects of healthcare, this system allows for a less discriminatory service than other countries and less emphasis is placed on how much you earn.

The NHS will only offer breast lift surgery for free if you satisfy a set of criteria, broken down into a number of stages. This can be a lengthy process and will involve seeing a number of professionals who will ensure that your motives and the benefits of surgery are such that you merit free cosmetic surgery.

If you believe that you could be eligible for breast lift surgery on the NHS, your first port of call should be your local GP. They will be able to start the application process rolling and refer you to a plastic surgeon for a consultation.

To avoid wasting your own and others time, please be aware that cosmetic surgery will not be awarded free with the NHS if the reason for wanting a procedure is purely aesthetic. The NHS will normally only accept cosmetic surgery patients under exceptional circumstances.

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