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Questions to ask a Breast Lift Surgeon

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It is important to ensure that you feel safe and trust the surgeon performing the procedure.
If you doubt the surgeon’s talent or simply require reassurance, here are some questions you can ask to put your mind at rest. You will have many more than the examples listed below and that is fine, the surgeon will expect a lot of questions and you need to make sure that you are fully informed so do not hold back.

  • Do you have a thorough training in basic plastic surgery principles?
  • How many years experience do you have within cosmetic surgery?
  • How many breast lift procedures have you done before?
  • Do you specialise in a certain area or cover all cosmetic surgery?
  • What organisations are you accredited with? (For example, The British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons is a common one.)
  • Have you ever been accused of professional misconduct?
  • Are you currently under investigation for professional misconduct?
  • What are the risks of this procedure?
  • What safety measures will be implemented to minimise any risks?
  • What technique will you use to perform the breast lift procedure?
  • What kind of aftercare is offered?
  • Can I contact some previous patients of yours?

It is important that the performing surgeon informs you completely about the risks and possible complications of any procedure. Your surgeon should be completely honest with you and if there is any avoidance of questions, continue looking elsewhere.

Some surgeons will have written reports and documents you can look at that ensure their credibility as well as photos of breast lift procedures they have carried out. It is worth asking for any material such as this as they can be very informative.

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