Ear Correction Adhesives & Braces

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Surgery is quite an invasive procedure and can also be expensive.  It might be that you aren’t comfortable with the idea of having otoplasty or can’t afford the surgery, in which case there are other alternatives that aren’t invasive that you could try instead.

Adhesives for 'Bat Ears'

Adhesives are used to tape or glue back the ears so that they don’t stick out so much.  Unfortunately forcing the ears into a different position is very unlikely to mean that they will stay there, it won’t be possible to change the shape or angle of your ears permanently.  However, for a quick solution, using adhesives can give you good temporary results and an idea of what pinnaplasty might be able to do for you.  There is a draw back to this option.  The adhesives used often have to be quite strong and can cause skin irritation.  Also, by using adhesives excessively you might find that pinnaplasty might hold more risks or even not be possible.  If you have used adhesives then you need to check with your surgeon whether or not it has damaged the ears so that pinnaplasty cannot be performed. 

Braces for 'Bat Ears'

Braces are new treatments being developed that use a system similar to braces on teeth to flatten ears over time.  This is a relatively new method, and as such little is known about the long term effects or results of such a procedure.

Splints for 'Bat Ears'

When children are very young, the cartilage in the ear can be manipulated using splints and steri-strips.  Alike to a brace these are only effective at a very young age with an 85% success rate.  It can take up to six weeks of dressings and consultations with a surgeon as an outpatient, but the results are quite effective.  It only really works because of the age of the child, and there is a risk that at such a young age it is problematic to meddle with their development.  Often children will grow in to their ears, and it is normally best to wait.

Due to the nature of the ears it is very hard to change their shape or angle without using surgery, especially as an adult when the cartilage is fixed.  Alternative methods don’t really produce a good result, with adhesives only being really good for a temporary fix as apposed to a long-term option.  The only way to permanently change the appearance of your ears, at the moment, is to have ear correction surgery.  This might change as new methods are advanced, and there is a lot of research on the idea of a non-invasive option for ear correction.  However, it isn’t like other cosmetic surgeries where you might be able to perform exercises and build up certain muscles to overcome your problems.

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