Ear Correction (Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty) Consultation

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It is very important that within your initial consultation you voice all of your concerns, doubts and questions to your surgeon.  They will want to know what you are concerned about, and it is better for them that you are completely relaxed and confident about having surgery.  Your first consultation is about putting your mind at ease, as well as allowing your surgeon to judge whether ear surgery is the right course of action for you individually.  They will ask you questions about

Health & Lifestyle

For example how much exercise you take, whether you smoke, the job you work in.  This will ensure that they understand what pressures you might be put under after the surgery and allow them to assess your overall health.

Your Expectations

It is important that what you expect from ear pinning or other ear surgery, can be delivered.  If not then it is almost pointless to have the surgery in the first place.  You need to be realistic and not expect big dramatic differences that might not be possible.  If your surgeon thinks this is the case then they might not be happy carrying out the surgery.

Previous Health Problems

It is very important that your surgeon knows any previous illnesses or surgery that you have had.  By knowing this they can place you in a lot less risk while carrying out Ear Correction.

Reasons for Having Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Alike to your expectations, if your reasons aren’t considered valid then your surgeon might not be comfortable performing the surgery.

When you are having your consultation it will be clear why it is so important.  It might be that afterwards you decide that surgery isn’t the right thing for you to do, but more than likely it will comfort you and give you confidence in the procedure and your surgeon. 

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