Preparing for Ear Correction (Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty)

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Your surgeon will provide you with information about how to prepare for your surgery.  It is important that you follow their advice so that the results of the surgery are as you would wish, and so that any risks involved in otoplasty/ pinnoplasty are reduced as much as possible.  Your surgeon might ask you to:

  • Stop smoking up to two weeks before the surgery
  • Stop or start taking herbal supplements
  • Eat certain foods
  • Inform them of any illnesses you might have before the surgery date

There are reasons for your surgeon asking these things of you.  Especially if you are ill, it is important to let your surgeon know.  Something like a common cold shouldn’t be a problem, but there might be larger health issues that could put you at risk.  In cases like these it would be better to postpone the surgery rather than put you in any danger. 

You must be prepared for the surgery both physically and mentally.  Having any type of surgery is a big deal, and it is vital that you know the ins and outs of otoplasty/pinnoplasty and are happy with the procedure before you have surgery.  Being properly informed is part of the preparation for otoplasty/pinnoplasty and it is very important that you are content with any risks there might be and have discussed the procedure in depth with your surgeon. 

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