Ear Correction (Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty) for Adults & Children

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Ear Correction for Children

Generally ear correction is performed on young people between the ages of five and fourteen.  As they are developing any problems they might have become clear and their parents generally opt for them to have pinnoplasty.  This is done to protect them from any taunting they might get at school or from their friends, bullying can have a very profound effect and parents often want to prevent it happening in the first place.  It is important that the child is over the age of five as before this age the ear cartilage isn’t fully developed and the ears aren’t their full size.  It is likely that if surgery is performed before this age that the child might have to have another operation at a later date, the results won’t be as good as otherwise.  Children are more likely to be placed under a general anesthetic to avoid any distress the surgery might cause. 

Ear Correction for Adults

Often adults who haven’t had otoplasty at a young age want to have their ears pinned, and this is very possible.  This might be due to a receding hair-line making the ears more noticeable, or simply because of the limits protruding ears put on women’s haircuts.  It is possible that your ears are something that have affected your self-confidence for years, and most people who have the surgery find the effects truly liberating.  Adults undergoing ear correction surgery are more likely to have a local anesthetic, and the surgery is kept as quick and simple as possible.

Health Concerns for Candidates of Otoplasty

Sometimes ear correction surgery might not be possible due to previous or ongoing health problems you might have.  It would be best if you are fit and healthy, a non-smoker with no previous problems.  It is important that any health issues that you might have are discussed fully with your cosmetic surgeon before you undertake ear correction.  This will reduce the risks involved with the surgery and ensure that you make a full recovery.  Smoking is also strongly unadvisable, it makes the recovery process a lot slower and risky, with a higher chance of tissue death or heamatoma. 

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