Ear Correction (Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty) Results

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Otoplasty/Pinnaplasty is a very effective way to change the appearance of your ears, and can make some very dramatic differences in how your ears lie or the actual size and shape of the ear.  Unfortunately there is a certain stigma attached to large ears in our western culture that means often children get ridiculed at school and even adults can experience prejudices due to their ears.  This can cause self-confidence problems and lead to shyness.  Having ear correction surgery can help with these problems, as well as changing your appearance in a physical context.

The First Few Weeks after Surgery

Otoplasty has a very high success rate, and can achieve some very dramatic changes to the angle or size of the ear.  After your surgery you will have to be patient about seeing results.  You will have to wear a head bandage for a week to ten days after the surgery, which can’t be removed until you have another consultation with your surgeon.  If your surgeon has used non-dissolvable stitches then these will need to be removed at about the same time as your bandage will be removed.  The dissolvable type will be gone within two weeks.  You will be able to see a change in the angle or shape of your ears within two weeks of the surgery, once any swelling and stitches have gone, although this might not be the final result.  It could take up to six weeks to see the complete effects of the surgery. 

The Rest of your Life

Scarring from the incisions is usually minimal, and kept hidden behind the ear.  It is likely that people that you haven't met before, won’t even notice that you have had ear surgery.  The results of otoplasty are life long, and normally no further surgery is needed to secure the position or size of your ears.  You can expect to have ears that don’t stick out, without any real visible clues to point to the idea that you have had surgery. 

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