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Medical Tourism

Surgery abroad can look very appealing: with the costs of surgery in England more than other countries and with the size of the NHS waiting lists, a trip abroad for your cosmetic needs seems more and more attractive. Certainly, when you consider the fact that none of your neighbours will see you bruised and swollen from the surgery, and that your recovery could be situated in a very pleasant destination, it begs the question as to why everyone does not do it.

Researching Neck Lift Surgery Abroad

It’s not all sunshine and sandy beaches though. Choosing your clinic and surgeon abroad is tricky and so it is extremely important, and essential, that you research and that you research well. Countries can surprise you, though, in their expertise and proficiency, so do not be put off by stereotypes or what passes as common knowledge. One way of gaining knowledge of the abilities of other nations is to keep an eye on the British news.

When you’ve identified a possible clinic, apply for brochures and ring up to ask questions if necessary. The brochures should contain the surgeon’s credentials and professional history. Check the legitimacy of the claims. Some cosmetic surgeons abroad may have been trained in Britain so check British registers; for instance, the General Medical Council (GMC), the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), or the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS). Or, if they are trained abroad, check the foreign equivalent.

If you find a good clinic abroad it is necessary to find out whether consultations can be done in the UK. Sometimes surgeons may have a few patients in the UK and so travel here for many consultations. Other times they may go abroad for conferences and can then meet with you whilst in the country. You must check, however, whether it will be the same surgeon for your operation. If a face-to-face consultation is not feasible it may be possible to have one over the phone - have your medical history available.

Cost, Flexibility, Language & Distance – Important Considerations for Neck Lift Surgery Abroad

It may seem a cheaper option at first, but you must not forget the extras. Of course there are the medical costs and the flight and travel costs, but there could be visa charges, hospital accommodation, a hotel stay etc. The distance will mean you are far from your support network; ringing home and Internet time could build up and become expensive. You need to be flexible too, because it may be necessary to stay longer. A neck lift’s initial recovery time is two weeks, but if there are complications you may have to change flights (for a charge), stay in hospital (extra medical costs), or at your hotel for longer (accommodation costs). You must also think about whether you are capable of flying whilst in a delicate state. In case you are not, you may bring family or a friend with you, and their flights and accommodation must be paid for. You need to consider after care; can it be done at a distance? Finally, you must find out if the medical staff speak English. If a translator is necessary you need to ascertain who pays for that. Don’t forget to be very careful in checking your contract - a refund agreement is important is case you change your mind.

Tour Operators for Neck Lift Surgery Abroad

There is a lot to think about and the effort of preparing for surgery abroad probably seems very daunting, but, you will be pleased to know, there are such things as medical tour operators. They can carry much of the load for you and, if you are travelling alone, it is particularly advisable that you do choose an operator because they can offer escorts, which really are necessary when you are highly medicated. It is still advisable, however, that if you do choose to go with a medical tour operator that you research them well also. Finally, if you decide to go ahead with neck lift surgery abroad, let your GP know.

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