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After Neck Lift Surgery

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Feeling Bleary after Neck Lift Surgery

After the neck lift surgery you will feel very bleary. This is because of the anaesthetic and sedatives. This is why it is very important that, after the operation, you have someone available to look after you. The support will also be good for you if you feel emotional and upset – this is another side effect of the anaesthetic. Not only this, but nausea is also a common side effect of anaesthesia. Also, have water and simple, small snacks available to ease a delicate and, most likely, an empty stomach. Due to vasoconstrictors, which are used to reduce bleeding during the operation, you can also suffer from uncontrollable shivering. Your dazed state will last for at least the first day after the surgery.

Guidelines following Neck Lift Surgery

When you are at home, you must drink plenty of fluids and take your prescribed medications. Do not suffer unnecessarily: if you hurt, take the pain relief prescribed by your surgeon. You must also manage your antibiotics very well. Be vigilant because, if you follow through with the course, they will prevent infection. Note that antibiotics can affect the contraceptive pill, so use other forms of birth control. Although, sexual intercourse should be avoided during initial recovery anyway. To further prevent the risk of infection do not submerge the compression bandage or light dressing for the first two weeks of recovery, and absolutely avoid soaps and lotions coming into contact with the stitching. Taking your temperature regularly will also ensure that infection is caught early; any high temperatures could mean infection and, if this occurs, do call your surgeon.

Head & Body Movement

In the days after your surgery it is very important for you to be kept off your feet. In any case the medications in the first days after surgery will probably keep you groggy and off your feet. Whilst you are resting it is imperative that your head is kept elevated. When wanting to turn and look at something, you must turn your whole body so as to keep your head and neck still. You will probably be lying down for extended periods of time and this can sometimes cause back pain. Your pain medication should control any back pain, but, if not, home remedies can help to alleviate it. A hot water bottle or heat creams, can help.

Swelling & Bruising after Neck Lift Surgery

On the third day after neck lift surgery, the swelling and bruising is at its worst. This is often when post-surgery stress and anxiety can set in. To avoid this or ease any depressive symptom, steer clear of mirrors and, if you do wonder what you look like, get a friend to take a photo of you to look at, at a later date. If you do happen to see yourself, or choose to have a look, be mentally prepared for looking unpleasant. Remember skin has been lifted from your neck and muscles rearranged, your body is going to be reacting to this.

Returning to Work after Neck Lift Surgery

You can usually return to work two weeks after neck lift surgery, but only if you hold a sedentary job. Work that involves strenuous effort is prohibited for approximately one month after the surgery.

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