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Reasons & Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

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Isn’t it so tiring looking in the mirror and not seeing the soft, firm skin of your younger years? Or not seeing the slim neck that was yours or should be yours?

The neck is, unfortunately, a very visible part of the body that tends to show our age a lot more than other areas. It’s quite hard to hide, unless you wear scarves or polo necks constantly; and in hot weather and heated rooms it’s not always pleasant to do so. In any case, if you have severe jowls, a scarf would do little. What can you do then, when a part of your body slackens so much it becomes to resemble a turkey’s neck? It can be quite distressing; indeed, how depressing and insulting it is to find it termed “turkey neck” or “turkey waddle”! It is therefore no surprise that people’s confidence and self-esteem are truly dampened by their look so much so they become  depressed and unhappy.

Cause for Neck Lift Surgery

The main reason for the appearance of jowls is usually blamed upon ageing. It is true that as you age the effects of life (sun exposure, smoking, alcohol etc.) cause the skin to sag and muscles to slacken and separate, creating areas where skin hangs off the body. Ageing, though, is by no means the only cause of jowls. Rapid weight loss can leave excess skin that droops disappointingly and, whatever the reason for the speedy loss of weight, illness or dieting, it must be infuriating to find yourself slimmer but with unshiftable jowls. Disease and medical problems can also leave you with a less than desirable neckline. If you suffer from retrognathia, in which the jaw line recedes, a neck lift would improve looks. (Combining other procedures can further improve the result, a chin implant in particular would be appropriate since retrognathia gives the appearance of a lack of chin.)  Alternatively, it may be your genetics that leave you predisposed to that regrettable neckline.

Mental & Physical Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

Whatever the reason for the loose skin and muscle around your neck, it is undeniable that neck lift surgery can reap huge rewards. Physically you may look as if you have lost weight and you can look years younger. Your skin can also look smoother and more attractive. The physical improvements can have a mental effect too. Low self-esteem can be boosted because you feel more attractive or comfortable with your looks, and your overall happiness in life can be enhanced by your new self-confidence. It has been claimed that such things as social life have been incredibly improved because bodily confidence can generate social confidence.

A Face Lift or a Neck Lift?

Apart from the obvious mental and physical benefits a neck lift can be great if you are terrified of that “tight” look that can sometimes occur with other cosmetic procedures. Perhaps you first thought about a facelift, but are hesitant because you consider it too much work and you think you require less stringent improvement. A neck lift would then benefit you because the operation can create a much more natural younger look than other procedures might create.

If you think that neck lift surgery may be appropriate for you, you must first consider if you are suitable for the procedure. Your current health is a very important factor.

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