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Cost of Neck Lift Surgery

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Price of Neck Lift Surgery

The cost of a neck lift can vary immensely. In the UK it ranges roughly from £3000 to £5000, but if combined with other procedures it can be much more. Such procedures as facelifts, chin implants, liposuction or Botox can be done in tandem and so also add to the cost, since the operation is extended. If money is a big issue it is imperative that you discuss other options with your surgeon. Alternative procedures could achieve similar outcomes, but at a cut cost; for instance, liposuction, the removal of fat, may be all that is necessary for you to look slimmer in the neck and therefore younger.

Additional Costs in Neck Lift Surgery

If you do choose to have a neck lift be careful when discussing the cost of your surgery with your doctor, because he or she might be talking about the procedure alone. Keep in mind that there are many features of cosmetic surgery, which are not part of the operation, that are billable. If you consider that even small things like a GP’s referral letter to a specialist consultant costs money, you will understand the extent of the costs involved in cosmetic surgery. With this in mind, make sure the figure for your operation includes other costs such as medications, medical care, operating theatre fees and the anaesthetic. Be aware that being an out-patient or in-patient will make a substantial difference to the price of the surgery. This is because if you are an in-patient your accommodation, food, drink and nurse care will all contribute to the cost.  So if it is possible to go home, and you want to do that, then go home; however, if it is recommended that you are admitted post-operation then it is most likely for your health that you do so – do not hold back on care due to cost, be prepared to spend money when necessary.

Surgeon & Clinic Costs for Neck Lift Surgery

Of course, it might not be the procedure itself that is creating high prices. Other factors can play a large part in the cost of surgery. The experience and prestige of a surgeon is one such factor that can increase pricing. Reputation is important, but keep in mind that a lesser known surgeon may be just as skilful. You can ascertain this by checking your surgeon’s professional history, viewing the surgeon’s before and after photos of previous patients, and checking his or hers success rate. Do remember though, to be wary of statistics supplied by the clinic. In addition to experience and prestige inflating the cost, the urban, suburban, or rural position of the clinic may also mean a fluctuation in cost.

If the cost is a big worry, but you feel that no other cheaper procedure or alternative is good enough, then there are ways of negotiating payment. There are loans, payment plans, and even the possibility of treatment under the NHS.

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