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Long Term Effects & Results of Neck Lift Surgery

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Once your recovery period after neck lift surgery is at an end, you can then begin to enjoy the benefits and long term effects of your revitalised neck. For whatever reasons you decided to have the surgery, everyone should enjoy the rewards of a successful operation.

If you previously had a jowly neck, because of ageing or weight, your neck can look years younger. The skin is tightened, giving you a more defined neckline and, because the skin is stretched, wrinkles are smoothed out. Liposuction will also give you back the distinction between neck and jaw line. If you are over-weight, or you simply have the fat deposits brought on by age, you can look as if you have lost weight. This can last for quite some time, because liposuction is a permanent removal of fat; however, life style will affect how long you experience the look of lost weight, because, although liposuction does permanently eliminate fat deposits, more fat can grow.  If you proceeded with the neck lift because you had rapidly lost weight, you should be very content with the results. You should look healthier. Your neck skin will no longer be unsupported, drooping tissue, but it will follow the contours of your body making your skin look smoother and more attractive. For anyone suffering from retrognathia, the neck and jaw line will look much better and healthier also; although, a chin implant as well as the neck lift can give an even better result.

Mental & Social Well Being after Neck Lift Surgery

Not only are there physical long term effects, but neck lift surgery can have huge rewards for your mental and social well being. Certainly anyone suffering from retrognathia will be extremely happy with a more defined neck and jaw. This happiness will hopefully breed comfort with the body and then confidence.  Everyone acknowledges that one area of your life that makes you unhappy can infect the rest of your life. If your wrinkly neck or jowls depressed you, a neck lift can create overall happiness in life; of course this doesn’t come straight away. Recovery can first make you more emotional and upset, but in the long run you should reap the rewards.

Since you will be looking more how you want to look, many neck lift patients begin to feel secure in themselves. You become comfortable with your looks and, as a result, you feel more attractive. This boost to self-esteem can express itself in a new social confidence. Your social life can then be invigorated by your neck lift. Indeed, because you feel more attractive, you, therefore, have more self-esteem that enables you to have the confidence to wear those clothes you always wanted to, or that you used to! This, too, can increase your social confidence and social life because you feel more fashionable and beautiful in clothes that do not have to cover up a drooping neck.

Adverse Long Term Effects of Neck Lift Surgery

As you can see ,the results of a neck lift are very appealing, but you must remember that there can be adverse long term effects of neck lift surgery. Asymmetry, extreme tightness, the wrong look, scarring, and numbness are all undesirable outcomes that can last. Fortunately numbness is usually a temporary problem, although sometimes it can be a long term side effect of neck lift surgery. Even though this is undesirable the neck lift itself can still be successful. Scarring is another side effect, which is usually temporary, but there are cases in which it can last long term. On the whole this is not such a problem because the incisions for the cervicoplasty are made behind the ear and hair styling can cover this. Incision scars from a platysmaplasty may be more noticeable, but will mostly only be noticed if you lift your head to look up. Facial fillers or laser skin resurfacing can improve scarring, so ask your clinician what can be done if your scarring doesn’t seem to be fading. Asymmetry and the wrong look can be rectified by more surgery, and extreme tightness will loosen with aging.

Don’t be put off. The benefits of the surgery can be great. Simply make sure that you do your research.

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