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Preparing for Neck Lift Surgery

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Surgery is a scary, exciting, and life changing experience, and for this you must be prepared both physically and mentally. Preparations for the surgery will be different for everyone since preparation depends on your previous lifestyle. For everyone, though, complete avoidance of alcohol, stimulants, and medicines containing aspirin must be maintained in the lead up to surgery. Some people may have to steer clear of certain supplements, vitamins, or medications and others may have to take supplements, vitamins, or medications. If blood pressure is too, high medication will be taken to reduce it, or, if you are overweight, eating and drinking habits may have to be altered. Obviously everyone is different, and each surgeon is different, so talk to your surgeon about what is suitable and necessary for your preparation.

Quitting Smoking before Neck Lift Surgery

In the lead up to surgery, for anyone who smokes, it is necessary to quit,. Not only does this improve general health before the surgery, but recovery after surgery benefits from no smoking. If smoking starts again, or is continued throughout the process, then the patient runs the risk of necrosis of the skin (the skin dies) after surgery. Such is the risk that surgeons may refuse the surgery if cessation, or significant reduction, of smoking does not occur.

Blood Tests & Pregnancy

Depending on the surgeon, the pre-surgery process may differ. It is possible that preliminary blood works will be done to check your health. A check of the red and white blood cell count will indicate whether there are any hidden health problems. With women, a pregnancy test may also be taken to ensure that the woman is not under too much physical stress during surgery. If she is pregnant, surgery will be postponed. 

Mental Health

Mental health is equally as important as physical health. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) advises no surgery if key life events have recently occurred. If a serious event takes place during the lead up to your neck lift date, consider delaying the procedure. Certainly after the surgery your body is very bruised and swollen, and low points and anxiety can occur in the immediate aftermath. If you have recently been under stress, this can exacerbate post-surgery misery. If you are emotionally healthy and happy before surgery, you must mentally prepare yourself for how you will look immediately after surgery. Even for the strongest of people, it can be quite shocking.

Care after Neck Lift Surgery

On the practical side of things, you must also prepare care for yourself after the operation. Usually a family member or friend can help. They will need to drive you home and allow for you to be kept off your feet for at least 3 days. It is therefore imperative that any children can be looked after by friends or family, especially young children. This is because you will not be able to move your head or lift anything without running the risk of bleeding and opening sutures. 

Clothes to wear after Neck Lift Surgery

Think carefully about clothes for yourself in the two weeks after surgery, and what you will be going home in. Your head will be in a dressing and movement must be kept to a minimum. Shirts are therefore advisable since they need not go over your head. This reduces contact with the sutures and reduces chances of extra bleeding and a longer recovery. So, in preparation, have plenty of button-up shirts ready!

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