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Age & Neck Lift Surgery

Most people who get a neck lift are aged between 30 and 70 years of age, but patients are not restricted to that age range. Generally speaking though, you must be 18 years or over, because it is necessary that the patient must have reached full growth; however, it has been known for there to be some leeway for those under that age. Females though, must have been menstruating for some time, the minimum being three years. You might wonder why anyone younger than 18 years would want a neck lift but rapid weight loss or disease can make it necessary. Note that the surgery is not gender specific – any woman or man can have the procedure done.

Physical & Mental Health

What is most important for you to be a candidate for surgery is your physical and mental health and your comprehension of the seriousness of surgery. Physically you must have good general health and no diseases or serious medical conditions. This is because surgery does put a strain on the body no matter how strong and otherwise healthy you are. Smokers are strongly encouraged to cease the habit before the surgery. This is because it reduces general health which is necessary for successful surgery, and it severely affects recovery. In addition, some elasticity of the skin is necessary for the procedure to be truly successful; and this is something that smoking reduces.

Mental & Emotional Health

The importance of mental and emotional health is just as significant as physical health. This is because mental health problems can be exacerbated by surgery. In any case there can be a time of anxiety after the operation and, if there is a pre-existing problem, it can be aggravated. Not only must you be free from mental medical issues, but you must also be in general emotionally healthy and stress free. Do not consider plastic surgery if you have had any recent life changes. Top cosmetic surgery institutions strongly advise against it.

Be Realistic & Honest

As well as being the right age, mentally healthy, and physically healthy, if you wish to be a candidate for neck lift surgery, you must be able to voice your wants and desires in regards to the end result. If you cannot be frank with your surgeon about your desires then you are unlikely to be content with the result. At the same time, you must be realistic in your expectations of neck lift surgery. It is a localised surgery, so don’t expect a rejuvenation of the body from the shoulders up. If you do desire that, a face lift, or another facial procedure, combined with a neck lift may be required.

Affording Necklift Surgery

Funding for such surgery is essential, so make sure what is proposed is affordable and necessary for your desired outcome; but, do research financial options before ruling out a procedure due to costs.

Awareness of Risks & Side Effects

It is true that neck lift surgery does not revert you to your former youthful looks. It does, however, tighten skin and muscle and it can make skin appear smoother, but of course there are occasions when this does not happen. As a candidate of neck lift surgery you must be aware of the risks and side effects of neck lift surgery.

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