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Choosing a Clinic & Surgeon

Before reaching the point of booking an appointment for neck lift surgery, you must be well researched on the procedure, the techniques, the terminology, the costs, your surgeon, and how or who is paying for it. You must check the credentials of your chosen surgeon. He or she will be on a medical register, so validate any claims by looking at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) register, or the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) register etc. Keep in mind when you have chosen your clinic that any associations with NHS will bode well for you, since it means that they adhere to their standards and are therefore good choices.

Booking Fees

When booking an appointment with some more commercial clinics, demands for booking fees or non-refundable deposits are sometimes made. Be wary of such clinics, because you should not be bound to your surgery by money. Surgery is life changing so treat it as such, and do not be cajoled into doing something because of a financial agreement. Good service and excellent care should speak for its self.

Clinic Location for Neck Lift Surgery

When booking an appointment for neck lift surgery, it is vital that the clinic’s location is taken into consideration. After surgery, if you are an in-patient, it might be important for you to have the clinic close enough to where family and/or friends are located so that they can visit and support you. If you are an out-patient though, you must consider whether the clinic is too far from your home. You will need to travel there for your initial consultation and possibly for other preparatory consultations or tests. You must deem whether this is acceptable to you (important also for an in-patient). Most importantly though, for the out-patient, is that you must not forget that you go home fairly immediately after your surgery when the side effects of the anaesthetic will still be in action. Other medications will perhaps be causing confusion and, if combined with feeling nauseated and emotional, long drives home can be extremely unpleasant. Consequently, if local clinics are not suitable, a hotel stay may be necessary to delay that long drive until you feel a bit better.

Convenient Time

The surgery must always be at a convenient time for you, because it is important that the preparation, the surgery and the recovery are as stress free as possible so that the best result is achieved. To ensure that stress is kept to a minimum, you must be flexible. Initial recovery needs at least two weeks, but more time off may be required. As a result important social engagements, such as weddings, must not be penned in your calendar at that time in case you need more time off your feet; and, you must be prepared to take that time off work, if necessary. Bear all this in mind when arranging the date of the surgery.

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