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Initial Consultation for Neck Lift Surgery

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Make sure, before you go to your first consultation for neck lift surgery, that you have all your questions written down and to hand. It is important to ask about any queries you have, and you must have thought about them before the consultation. Consequently, you must be vocal and candid about your desires, reasons, and goals so that you and your surgeon understand each other and can build an honest and comfortable relationship.

Medical & Health Questions

Be prepared for probing personal questions. Your surgeon must know your medical history and most certainly must know about any previous surgeries. This is to ensure that he or she can suggest the best course of action for achieving your desired result. Questions on lifestyle will be asked; for instance, whether you smoke, take medications, use a certain type of contraception, or if you have allergies. The answers to these questions can determine the success of your prospective surgery.

Skin Assessment for Neck Lift Surgery

At the consultation for neck lift surgery the quality of your skin will also be assessed. Your surgeon will be ascertaining the elasticity of it, and whether it is possible to work with. Some elasticity of the skin is necessary for a neck lift, so if your surgeon seems doubtful ask about other procedures. If a neck lift is considered the best route to take, a discussion of the various looks that can be achieved will take place. Your surgeon will try to show what you would look like with different amounts of skin removed.

Type of Neck Lift Surgery

A discussion on the different techniques of a neck lift is important because different procedures produce different results; for instance, a purse-string platysmaplasty is particularly effective for men, because of the structure of the male neck. It is also just as important to discuss anaesthetic options (general, local and sedation) and the risks of being under anaesthesia. Check that the clinic’s anaesthesiologist is certified. You might not have time to cover all these topics in the first session, but it is imperative that you do discuss them with your surgeon at some point. Never go into an operating theatre for cosmetic surgery without be completely happy and knowledgeable.

After your initial consultation you will be asked to go away and think about what has been discussed. Usually a letter will be sent to your GP informing them of the proposed surgery and the consultation. Many surgeons will turn you down if you refuse to allow such a letter to be sent. If all goes well a second consultation will be made and only then will a date for the surgery be made.

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