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After Nipple Reduction Surgery

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If the nipple reduction surgery all goes to plan with no side effects or adverse results then you should not expect to have many problems after your procedure.

Although even if your surgery goes extremely well there are some things that you should expect and be ready to treat. The most important thing to expect is that the stitches around the nipples will be very tender and you will have to keep them clean and dry and covered with fresh gauze.

Caring for yourself after the nipple reduction surgery

It is often advised by surgeons to wear a sports bra to keep the breasts and nipples well supported and it may also be beneficial to wear a bra that opens at the front so you can change the gauze easier. Some clinics even offer you the chance to purchase a surgical bra which act in the same way as a sports bra would but they are specially designed for extra comfort after your nipple reduction procedure. Men may be asked to wear a supportive and tight t-shirt to do the same job.

Things to avoid after the nipple reduction surgery

For about 2 weeks after your surgical procedure you may feel pain and discomfort around your nipple and you may find that lifting things could be too painful. During this time you should expect that you should not;

  • Lift anything heavy that may cause extra pain to your breasts
  • Do any form of strenuous exercise
  • Not sleep on your front for the first few weeks after the surgery

You should also be aware that coughing and sneezing can cause pain to your breast and nipples for a few weeks after surgery, and so you should be prepared to completely rest after the procedure as if you catch another illness this could hinder your recovery.

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