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Different Types of Nipple Reduction Surgery

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There are several different types of nipple reduction surgery. Often your condition dictates the type of surgery that you will have and the surgeon will be able to decide which option is best after they have had their first consultation with you.

Areola surgery

The areola surgery involves removing the part of the pigmented skin which you consider to be enlarged. This is done by making an incision in the skin and simply cutting away the unwanted part. Only the smallest possible incisions are made to make sure that there is minimal scarring after your recovery period. This type of reduction surgery will not affect a woman’s chance of breast feeding after the procedure as the surgery has not damaged any of the milk ducts within the nipple.

Reducing the width of the nipple

To reduce the width of the nipple, a small circle shape has to be taken out of the middle of the nipple so that when the skin grows back the nipple in affect has been moved in. This is one the of easiest nipple reduction procedures, although with this surgery it is hard for the surgeon to predict exactly what the nipple will look like after it has healed.

Reducing the length of the nipple

This is often a more complicated surgery because there are several options that the surgeon will be able to choose from when doing the procedure. The most common way of reducing the length is by simply removing the end of the enlarged nipple. The surgeon can also remove the skin from around the base of the nipple as this could also be the reason why your nipple is too prominent. Alternatively the surgeon may choose to do both of these options to make sure that you are guaranteed a better result.

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