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Alternatives to Nipple Reduction Surgery

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The nipple reduction surgery does tend to have relatively few alternatives because of the simplicity of the procedure. The alternative surgical procedures do tend to be several of the breast reduction options as altering the size and shape of the breast can help to improve the appearance of the nipples. At present there are no other surgical alternatives to the nipple reduction procedure that will only alter the look of the nipples.

Alternatives for male nipple reduction

The best alternative surgical way for men to reduce their nipple size is by having a male breast reduction. This procedure can reduce the amount of breast tissue within the breasts and the surgeon can then remove extra tissue from behind the enlarged nipple so that when you have recovered the nipple will be set further back into the breast. Although the surgeon will probably advise that if you are having the breast reduction then having the nipple reduction alongside would give you the best results.

Natural alternatives for the nipple reduction surgery

There are also some natural alternatives to the nipple reduction surgery. Something as simple as losing weight can make a huge difference to your breasts and therefore the position and size of the nipples. This alternative is advised to be tried first by countless surgeons as this could solve your condition and help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

There are also numerous sorts of herbal supplements that are available which can help to reduce the size of your breasts and nipples. These supplements should be used with extreme caution and before you take any tablets or medicines you should consult your GP first to make sure that they are safe and that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.

If you are looking to improve the look of inverted nipples then Botox can be used to reshape them. This procedure however is painful and extremely expensive and it does not last as long as the nipple reduction surgery.

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