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Recovery from Nipple Reduction Surgery

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The recovery period after the nipple reduction surgery should last for no longer than a 2 week period. Although this estimate could fluctuate if any side effects occur after the procedure.

Features of the recovery period

Listed below are just some of the many things that you may go through in the recovery period after your surgery;

  • Some surgeons may advise women that have the nipple reduction surgery to refrain from sexual intercourse for a week after the procedure as the swelling of the breast because of this could cause create side effects
  • A good sports bra should be worn when doing any sport of physical activity and this advice should be followed for as long as 6 months after the procedure
  • If your job entails heavy lifting then you should plan to have more than 2 weeks off work
  • The procedure may leave you feeling tired and drained for several weeks ad this again should be taken into consideration when planning your time off work
  • For women patients of the nipple reduction procedure when you have your period for the first time after the surgery you may experience heightened pain due to the swelling of the breasts
  • Even if your nipples do not become infected after the procedure you may still experience draining of fluid from around your stitches

Most surgeons will say that the average length of a complete recovery after the nipple reduction procedure could be as long as 6 months and during this time the size of your nipples will change. The scars however could last a life time although they tend to be unnoticeable due to the positioning of them.

Making your recovery period easier after the nipple reduction procedure

Listed below are some of the things that may make your recovery period that bit easier;

  • Make sure that you have lots of painkillers at home just in case you do not feel well enough to leave your house after the surgery
  • Instead of buying large containers of food and drink buy smaller and more manageable bottles and cans so you do not have to lift anything too heavy
  • Make sure that you have tops with buttons on so you do not have to pull anything over your breasts that may be too tight

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