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Cost of Nipple Reduction Surgery

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Nipple reduction surgery is one of the cheaper cosmetic procedures that can enhance the look and shape of both your breast and nipples. Nipple reduction only has to be done once to be able to get the desired results and this again makes the cost of the surgery a relatively cheap one.

The different prices of the nipple reduction surgery

Nipple reduction surgery can vary dramatically in price, as it depends on the amount of skin tissue that you want to be removed and also the type of surgery that you require. Because of the surgery being such an individual one most surgeries prefer to offer you a tailored quote after you have had the initial consultation with your surgeon.

Some cosmetic clinics only charge around £700 for the nipple reduction surgery where as others can charge up to £2,000. This price will vary due to the reputation and standing of the clinic which you plan to have the surgery at, and also the experience and expertise of the surgeon.

Paying for the nipple reduction surgery

Although the nipple reduction is a relatively cheap one finding a large sum of money to pay for it can be a hard thing to do. However there are many different sorts of payment plans and loans which you could use to pay for the surgery.

The first and best option which you should look into is when you go for your initial consultation you should ask if there are any payment plans which could allow you to pay in instalments. This may be the best option as it means that you do not have to pay any interest on the total cost of the nipple reduction surgery.

Cosmetic loans for the nipple reduction surgery

If your clinic is unable to offer you this method of payment then taking out a cosmetic loan is the next best thing. Many of the companies that offer these loans can often lend money to people who have previously had bad credit ratings. If you research all of the different loans companies you will be able to find the best deal and you should consider factors like interest rates and flexible pay back rates.

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