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Long Term Effects of Nipple Reduction Surgery

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As with most other surgeries there can potentially be some long term side effects that you should think about before going ahead with the nipple reduction procedure.

Men and women

There are some long term effects from this surgery that can affect both men and women. One of the more common effects is a complete loss of sensation in the nipples which could potentially harm the enjoyment of your sex life.

After the recovery period has ended after your nipple reduction surgery you find that one of your nipples is bigger or smaller than the other. If this happens then this means that you have to either live with this difference or have a second surgery to even the nipples out. This long term effect does tend to affect women more because menstruation can cause the breasts to become swollen and this can affect the look and position of the nipples.

Many people who have had a nipple reduction also claim that for up to two years after they have had the surgery they can still feel the occasional bit of pain at the site of the injections and on and around the nipple.

The last of the more common long term side effects that happens due to the nipple reduction surgery is visible scaring. This scarring even though visible does tend to be on the actual nipple. Although due to the nature of the skin on the nipple and the low visibility of the scars most patients think that this long term effect is worth risking.

Long term effects exclusive to women

Arguably the worst long term side effect that could be caused by a nipple reduction is a loss of milk ducts and therefore you would not be able to breast feed. This possibility should be thought about if you are considering a family and would like to have the opportunity to breast feed your children.

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