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Before deciding whether or not you want to go ahead and book your initial consultation for the nipple reduction procedure you should know what the surgery entails and what to expect during the procedure.

Anaesthetic used in the nipple reduction surgery

The first thing to know is that anaesthetic will have to be used. It is normally local anaesthetic however depending on the severity of the changes you want in your surgery general anaesthetic may be used. If you have previously had any problems with anaesthetic then it is important to discuss this with your surgeon as you may be unsuitable for the nipple reduction procedure.

After the anaesthetic has been administered there will be several options that the surgeon will be able to choose from to try and get the exact results that you want. These options tend to create different looks and solve various problems for example the length, width or volume of the nipple. The surgeon may choose to remove the very tip of the nipple to reduce the length or removing some of the fatty breast tissue that is underneath the nipple so that you nipple will not be as pronounced.

Second Surgery

Most surgeons claim that the nipple reduction procedure is a simple one that will only have to be done once. However the reality can be that after the surgery your nipples may look different to how you and surgeon planned. This could be due to some side effects that could have occurred like infection, or that the nipples have simply healed at different rates leaving one nipple larger or wider than the other. If this happens you may be required to have the surgery done a second time so that the surgeon can match your nipples so they look symmetrical and you will therefore have a more satisfactory result.

Before having the procedure you should discuss this potential outcome with your surgeon so that you are aware of any extra costs that a second procedure may cost you.

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