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The initial consultation is perhaps the most important part of deciding whether or not you would like to go ahead with the surgery. In this consultation you will be able to discuss in depth the procedure which you are interested in with the surgeon that will be doing it.

Normally it is advised by the surgeon that you attend this consultation alone so they can ask you in depth questions and so you are not swayed by anybody but yourself, however if you tell the surgeon in advance that you would like someone to come with you then there should not be a problem.

What to expect in the initial consultation

You will be able to look at some pictures of the surgeries that the surgeon has previously done and also what type of anaesthetic that you are suitable for. Also you should discuss if you have any allergies that need to be taken into consideration during the procedure. You should also use this opportunity to see whether you like the surgeon and if you feel comfortable with them doing your surgery.

At this initial consultation you will need to provide the clinic with in depth medical details including your medical history and the current status of your health. It is also important that you have lost the weight that you have been advised to lose by your surgeon at this meeting so that they can assess whether you are suitable for the surgery. Again if you need to stop smoking for the surgery you should have taken steps to solve this as this could also affect your suitability.

After all the relevant information has been given to the surgeon you will then have to have a physical examination of the nipples. It is important that the surgeon does this so they can see the extent of your condition and to see whether your expectations for the surgery are feasible.

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