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As with all types of surgery there are suitability factors that you have to consider and even though the nipple reduction surgery is quite a simple procedure it still carries certain risks.

Psychological factors

Before a surgeon can go ahead with the nipple reduction surgery it is important that they understand all the reasons why you want to go ahead with the reduction surgery. This is because the procedure is permanent and cannot be easily undone if you decide that you want to go back to the way that your nipples looked originally.

It is also important to assess whether of not your self esteem will be helped by this surgery as some people believe that various cosmetic procedures can help with their body image but in fact after the surgery it has only made it worse.

There are three main categories of conditions that you may have that can be solved by nipple reduction surgery.

The first category is if you have asymmetric nipples as the nipple reduction surgery can alter one nipple to match up and to give you more symmetrical looking breasts and nipples. The second condition is inverted nipples and the third is if you have severely enlarged nipples.

Physical suitability

Listed below are just some of the many suitability factors for the nipple reduction surgery;

  • Being aged 18 or over
  • Having realistic expectations that your surgeon can achieve
  • Not being pregnant or breast feeding
  • Being of a healthy weight

When you have an initial consultation with your surgeon you will be able to discuss more about your suitability. The surgeon will have to take into account the size of your breasts and the results that you may or not be able to have from the procedure. It is important to remember that once you have been assessed by your surgeon you should not allow any health changes to take place without informing the clinic, for example putting on weight could affect the results of the surgery.

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