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It is essential that you have your surgery with a fully qualified and experienced surgeon as this will dramatically decrease the chances of risks and side effects that may occur.

How to find the best surgeon for your surgery

Listed below are some really useful tips to finding the best possible surgeon for your nipple reduction;

  • One of the best ways is going with what you feel, if you do not feel comfortable at either the clinic or with the surgeon then you should not feel pressurised to go ahead with the surgery
  • Always go and visit more than one surgeon so you can assess the service which you are getting.
  • Be wary if the surgeon begins advising you on other cosmetic procedures that you do not want.
  • Make sure that you are meeting the surgeon that will be doing your surgery rather than a nurse or an alternative surgeon at the clinic.
  • You could look on the surgeon registers at some of the many recognised associations of surgeons such as the British Associations of Cosmetic Surgeons.

Once you have found a surgeon that you feel comfortable with you can then begin to think about the sort of questions which you want to know about before having the surgery. You should also request to see the certificates for the qualifications that the surgeon claims to have. These certificates should normally be displayed so that you can see them.

Questions to ask the practitioner about your nipple reduction surgery

Here are some questions which you may want to take along to your initial consultation to ask your surgeon.

  • Have you had previous experience with nipple reduction surgeries?
  • How successful have your previous surgeries been?
  • What will be included in the quoted price?
  • What facilities are available at the clinic?

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