Going Abroad for Arm Lift Surgery

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Whilst it may be tempting to go abroad to have your arm lift surgery carried out at a lower price (and there is certainly a growing popularity for these “medical trips”) you need to be aware that there are numerous risks involved. The main risks are due to the differences in medical (and living) standards in foreign countries that could allow a lower standard of care to be provided to you during your arm lift surgery. This could increase your risk of complications or infections. In addition, you also need to ensure that any difference in language is not a barrier to understanding between you and your surgeon.

You need to ensure that you fully research the clinic/surgery that you intend to use overseas and preferably know someone else who has already used it (so that you know it is a good establishment). You should be able to book a consultation in a foreign cosmetic clinic using the same sort of searches as for booking a consultation in the UK (i.e. using the internet or from a friends recommendation).

You should be sure to visit the clinic/surgery and talk to your surgeon in person before signing anything and have a plan to enable you to extend your stay or get home if you have any complications after your surgery. You will also need to pay special attention to your travel and medical insurance in case you are one of the very unlucky few who experience serious complications and need to get back to the UK for treatment. In this way, you may find that the additional costs of travel, hotels and insurance as well as the large amounts of organisation could outweigh the money that you save by having your arm lift surgery abroad compared to the UK.

Nevertheless, there are also many very experience surgeons in Europe and further afield and medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular.

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