Bingo Wing Myths

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Sagging skin underneath your arms have become colloquially known as “bingo wings” because they generally affect older people (who are generally thought to play a lot of bingo!).  However, playing bingo will not cause you to develop bingo wings! So, do not give up your favourite bingo night in fear that the vibrations of putting your arm up in the air will result in you developing bingo wings!

It is also not true that having lots of upper arm muscles will increase your risk of developing sagging skin around your arms. In fact, keeping your arms toned and well exercised through regular exercise training will reduce your risk of developing loose skin. However, if you are overweight and carry excess fat around your arms and then lose weight, this is when you risk developing bingo wings at a younger age.

It is important to realise that bingo wings are not solely seen in older people as younger people can also be affected by sagging areas of skin around their arms too. This can occur due to weight loss after carrying excess fat around their arms or due to a congenital condition (a disease that you have from birth).

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