After Arm Lift Surgery

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You will feel extremely tired due to the effects of the general anaesthetic (or local anaesthetics) immediately after your arm lift surgery. In addition, the area around your wound (upper arm) will feel sore and you might find that your shoulder is also a little stiff (due to being held in different positions during your surgery. This tiredness and soreness can all add up to leave you feeling a little “battered”, but this feeling will pass as you begin to recover and as the effects of the anaesthetic and operation begin to wear off. However you need to be aware that the healing process is just that: a process. You will feel tired and below par for a while and you will not have full use of your arms for a few weeks. If you find that you are in a lot of pain during your recovery then you might want to ask your surgeon to prescribe you with some painkillers to make you more comfortable. In addition, some surgeons might prescribe you with antibiotics to prevent your wounds from becoming infected. This will ultimately lead to a shortened recovery period for you and reduce your risk of complications.

Overnight stay in your hospital or clinic

Depending on the amount of skin that you had removed during your arm lift surgery and you previous medical conditions you may need to stay overnight in the hospital. Most clinics suggest that you plan to stay for one night, but if your surgeon or anaesthetist is at all worried about your recovery from the surgery then you may be required to stay in the hospital (or clinic) for a longer period of time. Your length of stay after your arm lift surgery could be even longer if you experience any complications during your surgery or if your surgeon wishes to monitor you for longer due to any additional medical conditions that you may have. The advantage of a longer hospital stay is that it gives you the opportunity to begin to recover from the general anaesthetic and to take time to relax and allow your body to get some well needed rest. You might find this easier to do in hospital (rather than at home) where you know that all of your vitals are constantly being monitored by professional health staff. However you might also find the extended hospital stay distressing (either because you do not like the atmosphere of the hospital or because you miss your family) so you might want to discuss the pros and cons of a hospital stay with your surgeon before your arm lift surgery. For example, some surgeons might be willing to allow you to have your arm lift surgery first thing in the morning, monitor you in the hospital for the rest of the day and send you home by the evening. This option will very much depend on your medical condition, general health and the procedures followed by your surgical team. (Some surgeries will insist that you spend one night in hospital after your arm lift surgery).

Waking up in your hospital or clinic

When you wake up in the hospital after your arm lift surgery you might find that you have a drip in your arm delivering fluids into your body. This will usually be removed as soon as you are awake and able to drink yourself and was present during your surgery to allow the surgical team to ensure that you stay hydrated throughout the procedure. It is really important that you minimise any fast movements in your arms immediately following your surgery as these could risk tearing your wounds. If you have a medical condition that increases your risk of complications from the general anaesthetic then you might be encouraged to carryout deep breathing exercises. This will reduce your risk of developing a chest infection which is a common complication of patients with asthma or another respiratory condition after any surgical procedure involving general anaesthetics.

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