Reasons to have Arm Lift Surgery

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A larger proportion of people have arm lift surgery after weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypass or bariatric surgery). The increasing prevalence of obesity combined with the continued pressure for “perfect body image” has increased the demand for arm lift surgery. More people are now opting for weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypasses or bariatric surgery) due to the increased safety of these procedures (compared to a number of years ago when they were still new). Weight loss surgery involves changing areas of your stomach so that the amount of food that you can eat is physically limited by the amount of food that your stomach can hold at any time. This will result in a period of accelerated weight loss and your skin will often not be able to tighten at a fast enough rate to allow it to keep up with the reduction in your body size due to your weight loss. This will leave you with excess, sagging skin that, in the majority of cases, you will not be able to remove through exercise alone. One of the problem areas and one of the most obvious areas (due to the location on the body) is the upper arm. This is why if you have had weight loss surgery you may find that you are developing “bingo wings”. If this is the case and the excess skin is causing you to become sore and/or causing you anxiety and a loss of body confidence then you might want to consider having arm lift surgery to remove the sagging skin. In addition there is a growing demand for arm lift surgery to be carried out on men as the cosmetic demands of the two sexes equalise and men become more concerned about their looks. Arm lift surgery is the same for men and women so the information contained in this guide applies to both sexes. 

You may develop excess arm skin even if you lose weight using the more traditional method of changing your diet and increasing your exercise too! This also occurs because your skin has not been able to tighten at the same rate as you have managed to lose body fat around your arms. This is particularly common if you are older as your skin will have lost some of its elasticity so will have a lesser capacity to tighten to your new arm size.

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