Drooping Skin around your Arms

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Loose skin around your arms sags downwards and droops due to gravity so that they most often appear as flaps of skin underneath your forearms. This effect will occur naturally due to a loss in your skins elasticity as you age, so your risk of developing sagging skin under your arms increases as your age increases. The main cause of this in younger people is due to sudden weight loss and because of this, arm lift surgery is often used as the second stage for patients who have a gastric bypass (or other weight loss operation) that causes them to have a period of accelerated weight loss. If you are a woman who has experienced weight fluctuations after child birth then you may also fall into this category. Other causes of excess arm skin in younger people can include certain skin conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is more commonly known as “cutis elastica” and another skin condition known as “cutis laxis”. Both of these conditions act to reduce your skins elasticity making it fragile and loose but they are quite rare and mostly affect the skin around your face and thighs.

If you have sagging arm skin then you may find it embarrassing to wear sleeveless tops or to go swimming. If you find that your sagging skin is causing you anxiety and stopping you from living your normal lifestyle, then you might want to consider having arm lift surgery to remove the excess skin and restore your arm shape. If you feel that the advantages of removing this skin out-weigh the potential risks and scarring resulting from an arm lift procedure then you may want to consider talking to a surgeon about your personal arm lift requirements.

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