On the Day of your Arm Lift Surgery

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Give yourself plenty of time to travel to the hospital or clinic so that you are not stressed about being late on the day as this will give you a high blood pressure which is exactly what you want to avoid before a general anaesthetic. On the day of your surgery itself it is particularly important that you try to relax! If you have any last minute questions then make sure that you ask your surgeon but expect to feel anxious...Everybody gets last minutes feelings of nerves and wanting to pull out! Just remember all the hard work that you put into researching the surgery and your surgeon and the money that you invested and let the surgical team take over.

“Nil by mouth”

Remember that if you are having a general anaesthetic you will not be able to eat anything for six hours before your arm lift surgery. You will be able to drink small amounts of water up to two hours before your surgery then you should be “nil by mouth” which means you should not eat or drink anything. If you are using local anaesthetic and sedation then you will have different lengths of time in which you cannot eat depending on the exact drugs that your surgical team are using. They will be able to advice you on this. However it is often similar to the rules for general anaesthetic so you can use these to get an idea of what you should expect.  

Settling into your hospital or clinic

Once you arrive at your clinic or hospital you will be given time to settle down and make yourself comfortable. Staff will be around to help you orientate yourself and answer any last minute questions. They will also do last minute checks on all your vital signs such as your blood pressure, urine and your heart rate to make sure that you are still suitable for surgery. At this point you will need to read, understand and sign a consent form to show that you are aware of the potential risks involved in the general anaesthetic and the arm lift surgery itself. If you are at high risk of blood clots you may be injected with a drug called heparin which effectively thins your blood but you might equally (and/or) be asked to wear compression socks during your surgery. These allow your surgical team to reduce your risks of developing blood clots from lying still with the general anaesthetics.

Last chance to interact with your surgeon before you operation

Your surgeon will probably once again draw on you with a marker pen to show the final incision lines on your arms. This is a good time to ask your surgeon any last minute questions and it is very important that you are happy with where the surgeon is drawing the lines on your arm as these will be used as the template during your arm lift surgery. The more you interact with your surgeon at this stage the more you will understand about the procedure and you will probably find that this process helps you to relax before the surgery!

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