Problems after Arm Lift Surgery

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There are a number of negative aspects that you could experience from having arm lift surgery and it is important that you are aware of these from the outset so that you do not go into your surgery with inappropriate expectations. The most obvious cons of the surgery is the level of discomfort that you will have during your recovery process as your wounds heal. However you might also have to deal with other problems such as negative opinions of friends or family who might be opposed to the idea of cosmetic surgery in general. If you are considering undergoing arm lift surgery then you might find that the opinions of other people are important to you. If this is the case then it would be a good idea to prepare yourself for the range of opinions that people will have after you have had your surgery. You may find that you receive a range of comments including both positive comments on your new appearance and more negative comments suggesting that you took “the easy way out”. If you think that these types of comments will affect you then it will be particularly important that you prepare your friends and family before your arm lift surgery by explaining why you are having it done.

During your recovery period you may find it difficult to carry out all your normal activities of daily living such as brushing your teeth, doing housework or brushing your hair. This can be quite demoralising and you should prepare yourself for this feeling. You will certainly have to take some time off work (especially if you have a physically demanding job) and this may cause you to feel isolated and increase the financial strain of having your arm lift surgery. In addition you may experience complications from your surgery that causes you to have health issues that need to be resolved either through medication (such as taking antibiotics for a wound infection) or through further surgery. Obviously this is a very rare occurrence, but it is a potential problem that you should be aware of.

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