Scars from Arm Lift Surgery

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Arm lift surgery will include a period of time where you will have minimal use of your arms as they recover and heal from the operation and you will be certainly be left with some level of scaring in the long term. However, the exact scar position, size and shape will vary depending on the amount and location of your sagging arm skin that you need removing as well as your general arm shape. The final look of your scar will also vary depending on a number of factors including the ability of your body to heal, your current state of health, your diet (illustrating how important nutrients are to help your skin heal and tighten) and any treatment that you give your wounds. If you are in the unlucky minority of people who suffer from a condition known as keloid then you should certainly bring this to the attention of your surgeon and be aware that your scars will probably end up looking quite red and raised.  

These factors demonstrate a number of important points. They show the importance of your general health and the nutrient contents of your body on the ability of your skin to heal and tighten which suggests that you should aim to enhance your skins healing both pre and post operatively in order to optimise your results from your arm lift surgery. On top of a good diet and healthy lifestyle, one of the treatments that you might want to try is rubbing vitamin E cream on them to reduce the visibility of the resulting scars.

You should be aware that these individual variations and your individual diet and post-operative treatment of your scar means that your surgeon will not be able to predict exactly how visible your scars will be or what they will look like and will only be able to advice you on possible scaring given your medical history. However, your surgeon will try to make the incisions so that any scarring is minimised and relatively discreet. They do this by cutting along lines of the least tension under your arm. If the idea of the final scar causes you anxiety then you should discuss your worries with your surgeon who will be able to advice you on wound after care so that you can minimise the visibility of your scars and try to help you predict what your scar may look like.

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