Preparing for Arm Lift Surgery

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The best way to prepare is to ensure that you go in for your surgery as healthy as possible. If you currently have an illness then you should give yourself time to recover before having your surgery. This is due to the increased risk that can be caused by certain illnesses under general anaesthetic as well as the fact that illness will slow down your recovery process. It is important that you are in good health and do not have any medical problems that you have not already discussed with your surgeon. Your surgeon should already have discussed any concerns that you have with regard to your past medical history with you as well as having a full understanding of any current medical problems that you have (particularly asthma and allergies).

Lose weight so that you have a BMI within the normal range

If you are overweight then you should aim to reduce your BMI into the normal range 18.5-25) and whilst this may mean that you have to delay your surgery for a while, the less fat you have around your arms at the beginning of the procedure, the better the results will look. This is because any excess fat around your arms will alter the final shape of your arms once your sagging skin has been removed.

Make sure that all of your last minute questions are answered

The last consultation that you have before your arm lift surgery should be used as an opportunity for you to ask your surgeon how to best prepare for your surgery. This could include tips such as what is best to include in your diet and what types of exercises you could and should be doing. In general eating a healthy balanced diet and continuing to take gentle exercise should ensure that your body is in the healthiest state possible ready for your arm lift surgery. Your surgeon will advise you about any extra vitamins or supplements that you may wish to take before you surgery, but it is generally a good idea not to start taking anything new before your surgery in case you have an adverse reaction to it (which could cause subsequent problems during the general anaesthetic). There may even be vitamins or tablets that you are currently taking and need to avoid prior to surgery. For example, you should probably not take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication a few weeks before your surgery (as these medications act to increase your rate of bleeding so can be dangerous if you start to bleed after or operation) but your surgeon will be able to advice you on this if they form part of your regular medication. It is important that you realise that different surgeons will have different policies so the advice given to one patient by one surgical team may differ from the advice given to you by your surgeon as it will depend on your personal medical history as well as the surgeons preferences.

Preparing your friends and family before you have arm lift surgery

You will look different when you come out of your arm lift surgery operation! You will also probably feel a little “delicate” so it is certainly a good idea to tell your friends and family that you are going to have arm lift surgery. This will not only prepare them to seeing you with your more toned arm shape, but will also give them the opportunity to help you during your recovery process after your operation. It may be useful for you to plan your recovery period with a buddy so that they can act as your support structure whilst you allow your body to heal from the operation. You should arrange for someone to pick you up from the hospital and they should understand how you plan to prepare yourself for your recovery process.

Depending on whether they have been involved in your decision process to have arm lift surgery or not, they may be quite shocked to think that you want to have an operation by choice so you will probably want to ensure that you give them as much information as possible to help them understand your motivation and thoughts. Concerned family members (and good friends) will be particularly thankful for information about the risks of the surgery as well as the results that you expect.

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