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A lot of the private cosmetic surgery clinics will offer you a free initial consultation where you will be able to ask about the final price of the procedure. Unfortunately there is no set price of arm lift surgery so the price will vary widely depending on the clinic that you use. The price for arm lift surgery in the UK ranges from £3500-£5000 depending on where you choose to carry out the surgery. This is because different surgeons operate in different ways and therefore have a different price range (depending on the equipment that they use, their expertise, the size of their surgery and their location) so it is certainly worth “shopping around” if you are looking to find a reasonably cheap option. However, in general the higher the price, the more modern the clinic and the more experienced the surgeon so you will need to make sure that you are happy that you are both getting a good deal while still feeling happy about the ambience of the clinic and the skills of the surgeon.

Fixed price quotations for your arm lift surgery

Most UK cosmetic clinics will end the consultation by giving you a fixed price quote for your arm lift surgery. This price will be personal to you as it will change depending on the amount of sagging arm skin that you have as well as the exact area of the excess skin around your arm. The fixed price will include all the costs of your arm lift surgery including the surgeon’s time, the general anaesthetics (or local anaesthetics and sedative), the use of all the necessary surgical equipment and your follow up consultations and aftercare. Obviously you can use this fixed price quote (and possibly fixed price quotes from other clinics too) to decide both whether you want to go ahead with the arm lift surgery and which clinic you wish to use.

Getting your arm lift surgery done on the NHS

The NHS is very clear on the fact that it will not pay for any purely cosmetic surgery. However, if you are having an arm lift as a final operative stage of a larger accident or as part of a wider “body lift surgery” then you might able to get your surgery done on the NHS. In general the NHS might pay for your surgery if your excess skin around your arms is due to a problem that you have had since birth (a congenital disease) or due to a traumatic injury, although you will need to discuss this with your GP as you will almost certainly have to fill out a lot of paper work and you will be restricted in your choice of surgeons (if you get a choice at all). Obviously, having your arm lift surgery on the NHS would mean that it was free to you, but you need to be aware that this service is only carried out in extremely rare circumstances so you should certainly not rely on it as a way of reducing the financial burden of the procedure. Make sure that you have a back-up plan if the NHS turns you down and you have your hear set on arm lift surgery.

So, whilst, you may be able to get your arm lift surgery carried out on the NHS as part of a larger body lift surgery operation, you are more than likely to have to pay for your procedure yourself. There are numerous ways to do this and there are certainly advantages to use a credit card if you are able to do it in a lump sum so that you can utilize the insurance associated with the card. In addition to bank loans, many UK clinics over payment plans to spread the cost of your arm lift surgery. If you intend to use this service then you will be wise to look into the small print of a number of different payment plans across different clinics as they will all have different terms and interest rates. In addition, some clinics will require you to pay a minimum deposit before your arm lift surgery is carried out and this sum will also vary between clinics.

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