Arm Lift Surgery & Post-Operative Exercise

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It is really important that you refrain from undertaking excessive exercise until your wounds are well into the healing process. Most surgeons will suggest that you wait for at least two weeks before undertaking any weight lifting exercise, but you might find that you need to wait for longer than this (maybe up to 4 weeks). There is a bit of a catch-22 where if you start to exercise too early you will potentially cause your wounds damage and slow down your healing process, but if you wait for too long your muscles will become weaker due to lack of use. So, it is important that you listen to your own body and discuss your progress with your surgeon (and your GP if need be) to see when it is most appropriate for you to head back to the gym or take up your hobbies again. This is particularly important if your hobbies include carrying excessive weight (such as bowling) or involved large arm movements (such as tennis).

However, it is certainly recommended for you to continue to take gentle exercise (such as walking) as soon as you feel that you have enough energy and strength to do so. Gentle daily walks will reduce your risk of developing blood clots in your lower limbs and will generally increase your cardiovascular health. This is where your health before you had your arm lift surgery comes into play. The fitter and healthier you were before you had your procedure, the quicker you will be able to return to your old lifestyle because your body will have been in a better position to cope with the trauma of the surgery and the recover process.

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